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RECSO’s strategic direction 2019 to 2029 is mainly focussing on renewable energy and it defines renewable energy based on the Renewable energy policy of Uganda. According to the Renewable Energy Policy of Uganda, “Renewable sources of energy are those sources that are replenished continuously by natural processes. This includes solar energy, hydro-power, biomass, wind and geothermal as well as organic wastes.  Modern Renewable Energy means renewable energy resources that are transformed into modern energy services like electricity, which can be generated from water power, wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass co-generation. It also refers to clean fuels derived from renewable energy resources like biogas, ethanol, methanol, hydrogen, biodiesel or solar water heating. In the context of the Policy, modern biomass technology includes energy efficient technologies, like improved charcoal and firewood stoves for both domestic and institutional applications”


RECSO Network Strategic Direction-Summary

Core Values

The core values of the Network include:
a) Respect
b) Equality of all members
c) Ethics and integrity
d) Objectivity and professionalism in all Network actions
e) Transparency and accountability of the members

Our Objectives

i) To advocate for promotion, compliance and accountability of government with respect to its policy
commitments and private sector activities;
ii) To ensure that individuals, institutions, CSOs and Networks engaged in Renewable energy
progressively develop capacity in policy analysis, advocacy and independent monitoring;
iii) To engage in policy lobbying for conducive policy environment for renewable energy access and
sustainable utilization.

Key result areas

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